ept at the embedded world 2024
ept at the embedded world 2024
April 2024, NuremnbergVisit us at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2024 in Nuremberg in hall 1, booth 407!
The motto of this year's trade fair for embedded systems is: 25+ Gbps high-speed pluggable connectors.
We will be offering samples and S-parameters of the Colibri 25+ Gbps at the trade fair.

2nd place for ept in Bishop customer satisfaction survey
2nd place for ept in Bishop customer satisfaction survey
August, PeitingFor the sixth time, the Bavarian connector manufacturer ept GmbH has achieved an excellent result in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by market researchers Bishop & Associates. In the overall European ranking, ept takes second place and thus continues to improve its score compared to the 2019 result.

ept connector selected for use in the new specification by the PICMG®
ept connector selected for use in the new specification by the PICMG®
Februar, PeitingWith a new basic specification named ModBlox7 for modular box PCs, a working group of PICMG® has agreed on a new manufacturer-independent standard in order to connect modules that are primarily used in bus and railroad technology. This new cross-manufacturer standard enables users to implement a wide range of device combinations in modular design through interoperable functional units.

ept at embedded world 2023
ept at embedded World in Nuremberg
March 2023, NurembergVisit us at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference 2023 in Nuremberg in hall 1, booth 407!
Our motto of this year's embedded systems exhibition is: highspeed and EMC connectors. At the exhibition we will offer samples as well as S-parameters of the Colibri 25 Gbit/s.

High Speed Board-to-board Distances
High Speed and EMC for Different Board-to-board Distances
November 2020, PeitingThe high-speed Zero8 connectors featuring ScaleX technology will be available in different heights, as well as shielded and unshielded designs, following electronica in November 2020.
Connector Movie The Search
Film premiere at ept: The Search
November 2020, PeitingIn which applications can connectors be found? Come with us on an exciting journey into the world of connection technology!
One27 with lagging contacts
Hot Swapping and Industrial Automation
March 2020, PeitingThe One27 with a 1.27-mm pitch is now also available with lagging contacts. Developers will be able to get the angled 12- to 80-pin male connectors starting March 2020. This makes it possible to simply change modules in industrial applications during live operation.
ept auf der embedded world 2020!
ept at the embedded world 2020!
February 2020, NurembergWe are at the embedded world once again! This time we will focus on HighSpeed, EMC, press-fit technology and much more.
Maximum Flexibility with Data Transfer Rates of Up to 16 Gbps
Maximum Flexibility with Data Transfer Rates of Up to 16 Gbps
January 2020, PeitingThe Colibri® 0.5 mm-pitch SMT connectors from ept have guaranteed reliable data transfer rates between printed circuit boards (PCB) for high-speed applications for years. Pin counts of 40, 80, 120, and 160 will be available for applications of up to 16 Gbps as of the 2020 embedded world.
Innovator of the year 2019
ept Has Been Chosen as Innovator of the Year!
November 2019, MunichReaders of the DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK magazine were impressed by the new ScaleX technology

Together with Phoenix Contact, ept was chosen as ‘Innovator of the Year’ in the electromechanics category for its ScaleX technology used in the new Zero8 connectors. The DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK glass trophy was handed over by the magazine’s editor, Ralf Higgelke, to Claus Guglhör from ept, who was beaming with joy, and Markus Sonderer from Phoenix Contact during the awards ceremony that took place at the Seehaus restaurant in the English Garden in Munich, Germany.
Zero8 in mid und low-profile
Zero8 SMT-Connector Now Available in Mid-Profile and Low-Profile Types
August 2019, PeitingThe Zero8 board-to-board connector series is now available in the mid-profile and low-profile versions. The device design allows users to flexibly choose between different pin counts, types, and stack heights. Different heights allow board-to-board distances between 6.00 and 20.00 millimeters to be implemented.
Bishop Customer Satisfaction Survey
ept achieves impressive results in Bishop Customer Satisfaction Survey
July 2019, Peiting
The Bavarian connector manufacturer ept GmbH achieved outstanding results for the fifth time in a row in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the market research firm Bishop & Associates. ept came in second place in the European rankings and scored even higher than it did in the 2017 survey.
ept employees donate raffle proceeds
4,727 Euros for a good cause –  ept employees donate raffle proceeds
Januar 2019, Peiting, BuchingThe Christmas raffle organized by ept’s apprentices and employees raised 4,727 euros. 2,000 euros of that were donated to the St. Nikolaus Children’s Hospice in Bad Grönenbach in the German district of Unterallgäu. Another 2,000 euros were received by the mountain rescue team of Steingaden and Peiting. Finally, the Steingaden Middle School received a donation in kind in the form of a scroll saw valued at 727 euros.
Colibri 16+ now available
Now Available: 16 Gbps Colibri High-Speed Connectors from ept
January 2019, PeitingFrom March, the Colibri connector in the 16 Gb / s version is available
Press Release EC.8 HighSpeed Connector
EC.8 – HighSpeed SMT edge card connector with 0.8 mm pitch
January 2019, PeitingEC.8 – Easy-to-Use HighSpeed Connectors: That's the motto of the new ept HighSpeed edge card connector EC.8.
Find out more in the following article.
ept at the Electronica 2018 – Zero8 hologram a real visitor magnet
ept at the Electronica 2018 – Zero8 hologram a real visitor magnet
13. November 2018, Münchenept is again exhibiting at electronica, the world’s leading electronics convention. Our experts are free for consultations for visitors and interested parties who would like to have more information about our entire range of ept products within the printed circuit board and automotive sectors. Convince yourself of our wide range of solutions for your application and the outstanding quality of our products.
englisch: Board to Board Steckverbinder ept Zero 8
Compact connectors with an innovative contact system
October 2018, Peiting, BlombergPhoenix Contact and ept are launching a new series of robust board-to-board connectors with 0.8 mm pitch. The jointly developed connectors will be shown at the world's leading fair for electronics, electronica, in Munich for the first time.
surface coating on connector contacts
How does surface coating on connector contacts work?
August 2018, Peiting, Augsburgept invested in its first electroplating system back in 1985. Thanks to the boom in the telecommunications industry and the accompanying high demand for connectors in this sector, the company brought a second system into operation just five years later. During this period, ept significantly expanded its experience and expertise in the field of strip electroplating

Learn how surface coating works at ept GmbH.
ept wins Supplier Award 2017
ept GmbH receives award from Continental AG
25. Juli 2018, Berlinept GmbH has been singled out as best supplier by the Continental Automotive Group. The ‘Supplier Day 2018’ served as a venue for the reception of the supplier award for outstanding achievements in the “Plastic and Rubber” materials group.
ept Growth Peiting
Groundbreaking ceremony for new expansion
July 2018, PeitingConstruction of a new expansion for ept GmbH in Peiting is underway. The connector manufacturer is increasing its working area by 4,600 m², spread over two floors.
Product Catalogue 2018
The new ept connectors catalog has arrived!
Juni 2018, PeitingThe 27th edition of the ept connectors catalog just arrived hot off the press – and you can get your very own copy!
Short Delivery Times One27 Connectors
Short Delivery Times: SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm
May 2018, PeitingAll of the unit height and pin count combinations of the straight One27 connectors can be delivered to your doorstep within two weeks!

Do you need reliable SMT PCB connections with a pitch of 1.27 mm, and do you need them fast? The straight One27® SMT PCB connectors from ept are now available with a shipping time of just two to four weeks. With a pitch of only 1.27 mm, they can be used to connect mezzanine PCBs. Are you already purchasing your 1.27 mm-pitch SMT connectors from another manufacturer, but are you needing to complement them with straight male or female connectors? The One27® connectors are proven to be compatible with all currently available SMT connectors with a pitch of 1.27 mm from other manufacturers.
High Speed Connectors for 16 Gbps
Tried-and-tested SMT connectors soon available for 16+ Gbps applications
January 2018, PeitingColibri high-speed connectors will soon offer even more

Ept’s Colibri PCB connectors, which have a pitch of 0.5 mm, are already a reliable choice in COM express and high-speed applications up to 10 Gbps. Now, ept is looking to add a new, high-speed variant to the connector series. The new connector will be suitable for data transfer rates of up to 16 Gbps and beyond.
High-Speed PCB Connectors for Extended Environmental Requirements
High-Speed PCB Connectors for Extended Environmental Requirements
June 2017, Peitingept Colibri SMT connectors are now optionally available with a thicker gold coating

ept’s Colibri PCB connectors, which have a pitch of 0.5 mm, are a reliable choice in COM express and high-speed applications up to 10 Gbps. In response to customer demand, these high-speed connectors are now also available as a Heavy Au version for deployment in challenging environments.
ept Awarded Supplier of the Year
ept Awarded Supplier of the Year
June 2017, OstfildernPilz GmbH & Co. KG presented its ‘2016 Pilz Award’ to the connector manufacturer
Automation company Pilz announced the recipients of the Pilz Award and lauded connector manufacturer ept GmbH, based in Peiting, Germany, as one of the five suppliers of the year for 2016. Thomas Pilz, managing director at Pilz, presented the award to Claus Guglhör, Sales Director and shareholder of ept GmbH, at the awards ceremony. In so doing, Thomas Pilz paid tribute in particular to the excellent level of quality of the products that ept supplies, the superior on-time rating for deliveries, and the spirit of cooperation with ept.
PCB stacking with One27 connectors
Stacking of PCBs with Differing Distances
May 2017, PeitingElectronic developers are frequently tasked with adapting parallel PCB connections to a wide range of spatial requirements. With ept’s One27® SMT PCB connector, which has a pitch of 1.27 mm, the distance between any two stacked PCBs is variable by up to 5.8 mm.
Colibri Pin Count 40 to 440 Pins
High-speed SMT Connectors now available in additional Pin Count Options
March 2017, PeitingEffective immediately, all versions of the Colibri® high-speed connectors with a pitch of 0.5 mm are now also available with the pin counts 40, 80, 120, 160, and 200.
COM Express Pinout Type 7
Highspeed PCB Connectors for COM Express Pinout Type 7
February 2017, PeitingThe 3.0 release of the successful COM Express computer-on-module standard includes a new pinout type. This enables a faster data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps, thereby expanding the applicability of COM Express in terms of server applications. Of course, the PCB connectors required to connect the baseboard and the COM module need to meet these increased requirements.
New ept plant is built in Habartov
New ept Plant is built in Habartov
06.12.2016, HabartovIn Habartov (Czech Republic) a new ept plant with 5000 m² production area and 1000 m² storage area and office space is built for the connector production.
Investing in the Future: ept GmbH is expanding
Investing in the Future: ept GmbH is expanding
02.03.2017, Peiting, Buching, Augsburgept GmbH, headquartered in Peiting, Bavaria, Germany, has been a family-owned business for more than 40 years, supplying not only the automotive industry, but also the industrial and communications sector with PCB connectors. All products are produced in-house, as ept GmbH is capable of handling all important manufacturing steps. These include product development, project planning, tooling and equipment, production (punching, electroplating, assembly, etc.) and also the provision of a comprehensive “all-in-one” service. With its plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, the US, and China, ept GmbH is also a major player in electrical connectors around the world.
Compact and Sturdy SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm
Compact and Sturdy SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm
September 2016, PeitingAssemblies can be designed with more flexibility thanks to a variety of model heights, up to 80 pins, and various connection options.
Guaranteed Long-term Availability of 2.54mm Pin Headers and Female Sockets
Guaranteed Long-term Availability of 2.54 mm Pin Headers and Female Sockets
April 2016, PeitingThe connector specialist ept guarantees to its customers the long-term availability of VarPol pin headers and female sockets with a pitch of 2.54 mm. For years, hardware developers have sworn by the product, which allows you to reliably and flexibly connect circuit boards together or connect a cable to a circuit board.
COM Express Steckverbinder-System Colibri® für 10+ Gbit/s-Anwendungen
COM Express connector system Colibri® for 10+ Gbit/s applications
Januar 2016, PeitingAre you looking to speed up your COM Express application? Colibri® connectors from ept deliver first-rate signal integrity even at 10 Gbps, making the COM Express connector system the top choice for your applications at these speeds and higher. They are ideal for PCI Express Gen3 applications with 8 Gbps or 10 Gbps Ethernet (10GBase-KR). S-parameters are available on request from ept for use in simulating your proprietary designs.
COM Express connector system Colibri®: 5 mm version available
November 2014, PeitingAfter adding a 440-pins version to the COM Express connector system Colibri®, ept now releases the Colibri Plug for 5 mm board-to-board distance.
Permanent Press-Fit Board-to-Board Connector
Permanent Press-Fit Board-to-Board Connector
January 2015, Peitingept is introducing a new board-to-board connector range based on the press-fit system: flexilinkb-t-b connectors provide high-quality, non-pluggable connections between PCBs at a pitch of 2.54 mm, making use of the successful 'Tcom press' press-fit system.
Expansion of ept’s Main Plant in Buching
Expansion of ept’s Main Plant in Buching
September 2013, Halblech-BuchingA groundbreaking ceremony led by the Guglhör family back in 2012 marked the symbolic beginning of the expansion of ept’s Buching plant. The founder, Bernhard Guglhör, and his son Thomas Guglhör, who is currently president of ept, made this move in response to increasing demand and a growing influx of orders for connectors.
ept GmbH Receives an Award from Continental AG
ept GmbH Receives an Award from Continental AG
August 2014, Prague/Peiting/Augsburg/Halblech-Buchingept GmbH received a Supplier Award from the Continental Automotive Group for its outstanding achievements in the area of ‘electromechanics/plastic-mechatronics.’ The award was presented to Thomas Guglhör, President of ept GmbH, by Dr. E. Degenhard, CEO of Continental AG, on 17 July 2014 during a suppliers conference in Prague.