Guaranteed Long-term Availability of 2.54 mm Pin Headers and Female Sockets

Peiting, April 2016
2.54 mm Pin Headers and Female Sockets
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The connector specialist ept guarantees to its customers the long-term availability of VarPol pin headers and female sockets with a pitch of 2.54 mm. For years, hardware developers have sworn by the product, which allows you to reliably and flexibly connect circuit boards together or connect a cable to a circuit board.

VarPol pin headers and female sockets from ept offer endless possibilities. They are available in a single- or double-row design and the number of pins can be customized from 2 to 108 contacts. All sockets are carefully designed, allowing for seamless connection. A wide range of termination lengths of up to 25 mm make it possible to stack circuit boards with board-to-board distances from 11.45 mm to 35.45 mm. Furthermore, the pin headers are also available in a right-angle design that allows for perpendicular connections in addition to parallel ones. Finally, all VarPol products come with a choice of two performance levels that guarantee a durability of either 50 or 250 mating cycles.

A further advantage is how easy and inexpensive it is to process the press-fit technology. The pin headers and female sockets feature the tried and tested Tcom press® press-fit system, which allows them to be pressed without soldering. Press-fitting results in a gas-tight and vibration-resistant connection, which in turn allows you to connect VarPol products to optimal circuit-board connectors for reliable mechanical and electrical connections even in harsh environments. ept offers the right tools that make it remarkably easy to carry out the press-fitting reliably. Additional guiding systems support stable contact management when dealing with larger board-to-board distances and facilitate optimal stability during press-fitting.

Key Features:

  • a large selection of contact lengths and termination lengths
  • a choice of performance levels: 50 and 250 mating cycles
  • sockets can be joined end-to-end
  • simple and inexpensive processing
  • Tcom press® press-fit zone

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