ept achieves impressive results in Bishop Customer Satisfaction Survey

Three first place awards for the connector manufacturer from Bavaria

happy ept-costumer
The survey by Bishop & Associates has shown that customers are very satisfied with ept
The Bavarian connector manufacturer ept GmbH achieved outstanding results for the fifth time in a row in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the market research firm Bishop & Associates. ept came in second place in the European rankings and scored even higher than it did in the 2017 survey.
The customer survey conducted by Bishop & Associates shines a spotlight on the 30 best connector manufacturers worldwide. The survey is set up as a questionnaire and extensively evaluates the companies. Over 300 European OEM and CEM partners and distributors from several different segments of industry participated in the survey, giving information on their collaboration with the connector manufacturers. The survey provides an evaluation of the overall satisfaction of customers in the connector industry and a means to ensure that criteria such as product quality, delivery reliability, technical and sales support, and sampling are individually assessed.
In all categories, ept GmbH was able to maintain its position among the top 5. ept ranked No. 1 in three categories, in addition to the respectable second place in the overall ranking. Above all, the excellent technical support including expertise, effective problem solving, and price competitiveness convinced European customers of the stature of the German connector manufacturer. They also appreciated the product quality, the support from competent sales representatives, the excellent customer service, and the uncomplicated sampling: In these categories, the globally active SME took second place. ept GmbH is also among the best in terms of processing time for new connector designs and delivery reliability. ept combines everything in-house through its high depth of production, which includes all the manufacturing processes necessary for connector production itself, ranging from R&D, design, tooling and equipment, stamping and injection molding, through to strip electroplating and assembly. This way, the manufacturer gains the flexibility to immediately react to market requirements and customer wishes.

Claus Guglhör, shareholder and Sales Director of ept GmbH, is pleased with the results of the Europe-wide comparison: “The results of the Bishop customer satisfaction survey are particularly remarkable, as we have now been ranked among the top four connector manufacturers for the fifth time in a row.” He adds that this only demonstrates that ept GmbH is on the right track with its growth. “Since the Bishop survey reflects direct feedback from our customers, we take the less favorable ratings as a point of reference for further improvement,” continues Claus Guglhör. In addition to the expansion of various ept locations in Germany and around the world, the headquarters in Peiting, in southern Bavaria, are currently also being expanded. This move is necessary in order to continue to meet the increasing needs of our customers.