How can EC.8 direct connectors be processed?

The direct connectors are processed using surface mount technology (SMT). The soldering is done directly on the printed circuit board.
Pin counts 20 to 140 are supplied in market-compliant tape and reel packaging; this enables fully automatic processing via pick-and-place.
Pin counts 160 to 200 are packed in the tray as standard; tape and reel packaging is also available on request. However, this also uses a wider strap, which is less common.

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Which specification/layout should be applied when manufacturing the plug-in card?

Please see the diagram below for details on the chamfering and dimensions of the circuit board. We recommend hard gold for the gold pads. Please refer to the product diagram for further details.

Anphasung EC8
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Why should a direct connector system be used?

High data communication rates can be realized using direct connector systems. In comparison to two-part connector systems, the negative effects of the second connector on the signal no longer apply. This is primarily due to the reduced number of contact points, less cross section changes in the conductor and associated fewer direction changes by the signal.
Consequently a high performance can also be attained with a small footprint. The contact resistance is also reduced in comparison to two-part connector systems, this resulting in increased current carrying capacity.

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Is the EC.8 connector system compatible with the current daughter card specifications?

The EC.8 connector system supports daughter card systems with a thickness of 1.60 mm. For more than 80 pins, keying prevents incorrect connection. This is optional for the 60 pin version.
The EC.8 connector system corresponds to the current market standard and is compatible with the processed boards.

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What applications are EC.8 direct connectors used for?

Thanks to their versatility, EC.8 direct connectors are used for diverse applications in numerous sectors. In the field of automation technology and IoT devices, they typically benefit from their small grid and high data transmission rates.

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What offset do EC.8 direct connectors tolerate when inserting the daughter card?

An angular offset of up to 5° can be tolerated in a longitudinal and transverse direction.
An offset of 0,7 mm vertically and 0,6 mm parallel to the longitudinal axis of the connector can be tolerated.

EC8 Tolerances
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What data rates can be transmitted?

The data transmission rate is 28 Gbps. Below you'll find the insertion loss diagram.

EC8 Insertion loss
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What currents can be transmitted?

A 140-pole connector transmits up to 3.2A at 20°C ambient temperature. For more detailed information, please contact us via sales@ept.de

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Are EC.8 connectors UL recognized components?

Yes, EC.8 connectors from ept are UL recognized components in the USA and Canada.

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Are the EC.8 connectors RoHS compliant?

RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) is a directive for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices.
We confirm that EC.8 connectors made by ept are compliant with RoHS 2011/65/EU in accordance with the RoHS confirmation. You can find further information at RoHS & REACH

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