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Information About Colibri – 0.5-mm SMT

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  • COM Express®
  • CoreExpress®
  • Mezzanine board-to-board
  • VITA59


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Information on COM Express®


Termination TechnologiesPCB ConnectionsApplications
Surface Mount Tiefe.pngBoard to Board parallel Tiefe.pngHighspeed Tiefe.png    Density Tiefe.png



 Type   Number of Contacts  
Class    Mating Connector  
Colibri Plug 8mm Foto.png Colibri
220/440COM Express®
carrier board
 Colibri Receptacle Foto.jpgColibri
220/440COM Express®
COM module


Colibri ErklA rungsbild englisch 01.jpg

An arrangement of 195 signal contacts and 24 shield contacts with a pitch of 0.5 mm ensures maximum contact density in a highly compact space.
SMT grounding clips make it possible to position connectors on circuit boards as precisely as possible. Both the receptacle and the plug have surfaces that are suitable for automatic processing. There is also the option to equip the plugs with pick-caps to facilitate assembly. Furthermore, tape and reel packaging guarantees an optimal process for automatic assembly.
Whereas the receptacle is attached to the COM module, the plug is situated on the carrier board.

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